BAIR has a knowledgeable staff that’s full of competent people who are client focused and always willing to consult. They are very attentive to customer needs, willing to test on very short notice, and always keep their eye toward cost. In addition, the personnel that I’ve interacted with at BAIR are friendly and very accommodating. We can always count on BAIR – I highly recommend them.

Todd McGown
Environmental Specialist
Eagle Rock Energy Partners

BAIR is always reliable, very good at scheduling, and great at communicating – they are always giving prior notification as to when be here for testing. A big part of BAIR’s service has been to develop a relationship with us first in order to provide service tailored to meet our needs. I have called numerous times during and after business hours asking questions about regulatory issues and they have always worked with me.


BAIR is very proficient in thinking “outside the box” in order to give the best available options in meeting regulatory requirements. Also, BIAR’s regulatory knowledge and litigating skills have been outstanding during numerous audits that we’ve undergone.


All in all, I feel we get outstanding service for the price paid, and I definitely recommend BAIR.

Galen Smith
Area Manager
Madill Gas Processing

As Safety/Environmental Director for PH, LLC I’ve had the privilege to work with BAIR since they first went into business and can say with all sincerity they have proven to be one of the most reliable and trusted companies I’ve been associated with. I’ve used their services in several different states and their knowledge of air quality issues has always been right on the money and they’ve been a tremendous help in getting permits in place.


Whether it be for a major issue or something relatively minor, BAIR always responds in a professional manner and I have complete trust in their response. Regardless of my request or question, they always make me feel, ‘if it’s important to me then it’s important to them.’


With their knowledge of regulations and their professional, personable manner I’d be completely comfortable in referring them to anyone seeking a consulting firm that is top of the line in air quality services.

David M. Clark
Safety/Environmental Director for PH, LLC

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