Emission Testing

BAIR - Emission Testing Experts

  Regulatory Compliance Testing

  • New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) set forth in 40 CFR 60 Subpart GG, IIII, JJJJ, KKKK
  • RICE MACT requirements in 40 CFR 63 Subpart ZZZZ
  • 30 TAC 106.512, 117 (Initial, Biennial)
  • Testing required by Operating Permits
  • Periodic and post maintenance
  • Quarterly / Post-Maintenance Compliance in TX, OK, KS
  • Annual and Semiannual in LA

  Sources Tested


  • Natural Gas Compressor Engines
  • Natural Gas Cooler Engines
  • Natural Gas Generators
  • Natural Gas Turbines
  • Heaters and Boilers
  • Diesel Generators
  • Pump Jack Units
  • Gas Lift Units

 Methods and Procedures

  • Travers Points/Stratification Checks-EPA Reference Method 1
  • Exhaust Flow-EPA Reference Method 2(S-Type Pitot) or 2c (Standard Pitot for Small Stack Diameters)
  • Oxygen (O2)-EPA Reference Method 3a or ASTM 6522-11
  • Moisture (H2O)-ASTM D6348-03
  • Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx)-ASTM D6348-03 or EPA Reference Method 7e
  • Carbon Monoxide-ASTM D6348-03 or EPA Reference Method 10
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)-ASTM D6348-03 or EPA Reference Method 25a
  • Formaldehyde (CH2O)-ASTM D6348-03
  • Total Hydrocarbons (THC)-ASTM D6348-03
  • F-Factor, Calculated and Measured Fuel Rates-EPA Reference Method 19

 The BAIR Advantages


  • bair-field-technician-1Each Emissions Analyst (EA) receives comprehensive classroom training on the appropriate and applicable stack testing methodologies, backed by BAIRs 40 plus years of Air Compliance experience, as well as, through attendance and participation in various industry related seminars and workshops (GPA, GMRC, SES, QSTI). On-the-job Training is provided by BAIR quality assurance officers and third-party Subject Matter Experts (Prism Analytical Technologies, Inc.)
  • EA’s are not only knowledgeable on applicable testing methodologies, but can also assist in diagnosis of mechanical issues related to engines, proper operation of Air-Fuel-Ratio Controllers, and understand the implications of improperly installed and/or dirty/damaged catalysts.
  • Lastly, we are LELAP Certified. See our current certificate below.

BAIR LELAP Certification

  Mobile Lab Equipment


  • FTIR Analyzer, Paramagnetic or Electrochemical Sensor based O2 analyzers and computers for real-time analysis of stack emissions
  • Probes, Sample Lines, Filters and Pumps all operated at or near 191 degrees C so the sample is delivered in the most unaltered state, yielding the most accurate and reliable data
  • On-board generators, for our own power supply
  • Bucket Trucks that provide the safest and easiest access to over 95% of the stacks we test

  Budget & Pricing

  • Our Flat Rate, Volume-Based pricing structure allows our clients to easily see where their money is going, and allows our clients to budget accurately without having to factor in additional costs based on mobilization, standby-time, or hidden expenses that might arise when things aren’t going smoothly in the field. Request a bid for your next Air Quality Compliance project or contact us to speak directly with a BAIR agent.

  Included Supplemental Services

  • Third-Party Data Validation by Prism Analytical Technologies, Inc. on all EPA level testing assures you that not only have we applied our best Quality Assurance practices, but so has one of the industry’s leaders in reviewing spectral data sets.
  • Our secure, on-line data management system allows you to rely on us to keep your emission testing reports and air permitting data readily available 24/7.
  • Upon receiving a bid from us, our clients receive all EPA approved Reference Methods and ASTM Methods that will be used for each particular job in our Testing Protocols. Upon bid endorsement, and at the client’s discretion, we can generate test notifications with, testing protocols included, for timely submittal to EPA and state agencies, as applicable.
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