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Company Overview

B.enviroSAFE, Inc., doing business as Bartley Air Integrity Resources (BAIR), has conducted Air Quality Consulting and Services since 1995. Although we have historically had a presence in both the Air Quality and Department of Transportation (DOT) of natural gas pipeline operations, we have refocused on our core competencies of Air Integrity. Along the way, we’ve aligned with developers of technologically superior analytical equipment, as well as, some of the best known subject matter experts in the field of stack gas analysis.

In addition to assisting with your Air Quality Compliance needs, BAIR can also help you implement environmental stewardship practices without limiting your own growth strategies.

Executive Team

Managing Partner / CEO
Randy Bartley
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Managing Partner / COO
Robert Hargrave III
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Manager of Testing Operations
Jacob Voorhies
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Manager of Processes
Shane Gove
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Manager of Quality Assurance
Joaquin Felix
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Office Manager / HR
Bonnie Parker
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